High-Definition Digitization of the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection

High-definition digitization of Ukiyo-e, one of the Japan's world-class art, has been done to record their current beautiful condition for future generations.
The Ukiyo-e's delicate expressions are reproduced in every detail
and faithfully representing the originals by Hitachi's latest digital image processing technology DIS (Digital Imaging.

1.■Digital Acquisition■

For the digital acquisition, a conventional single-lens reflex digital camera is used. However, a single acquisition covering the entire object yields poor quality.
For that reason, DIS adopted a “divisional shooting method”, in which many close-up segments are acquired for higher quality.
Those close-up segments are merged to create an image with extremely high-definition data.

2.■Main Features of DIS■

More common methods to stitch many images might result in inaccurate geometric shapes due to accumulated errors.
DIS prevents the inaccurate shapes using “base image” created from an image covering the entire object.
All segments will be positioned and transformed to match the “base image” to minimize the error.
The completed image is then used as a “base image” for merging smaller segments.
As a result, DIS realizes the world-highest level of resolution (1,200ppi). (Japanese PAT. 4779041)

3.■Digital Processing■

The merging process is done automatically by a “High-Definition Image Processing System”.
More than 1,000 segments are merged to create a large-size image.

4.■DIS Application■

The quality of DIS images enables us to create life-size replicas with the same impact of the original size, and also create magnified replicas.
It is also utilized for the Masterpiece Navigation System where users can magnify for more details and the Digital Theater with large screens and narration, all of which are to enhance the experience of art viewing.